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January Update Project 1987 Topps

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1987 Topps Card 150, Featuring Wade Boggs
1987 Topps Card 150, Featuring Wade Boggs at Old Tiger Stadium

Wow, January flew by. It was probably because I was super stressed with family health issues. But! it has been a long while since I did an update on the huge 1987 Topps autograph project. As of January 31, 2018, I have 73 total cards signed, representing 72 of the individuals in the set – I have both a Wade Boggs All-Star and a Boggs base card. There are 729 total individuals represented on the set. Of these, 1 is a card of Roberto Clemente who died well before the set was produced. A second card is of Ricky Wright, who will not sign Topps products. This leaves a total of 727 players and managers represented on the set. I’m also leery of any non-certified Dick Howser, as he died in June of 1987. This leaves a very small window for him to have signed cards.

January Update

I’ve fallen behind on blog entries. Life has been rough. But, I’m still writing letters and slogging on for this project. I’ve opted to focus on just one card per player, removing the All-Star, Record Breaker, and Throw Back the Clock cards. I’ve also opted to remove the “Team Leader” cards, though I will use them for team executives or assistant coaches if I find a solid address for someone. I have approximately 50 cards out with Letters of Requests as of today’s date. Unfortunately, I’ve misplaced one of the papers that had my list on it, so that number is an approximation at best. Thus, my numbers cannot be solid.

Favorite Returns of the Month

I have two returns this month that really made me giddy. Both Phil Niekro (HOF 1997) and Ryne Sandberg (HOF 2005) both signed cards for me. Blog entries on both will be forthcoming.


I did a bit of research into the project to try to help keep me organized. If you’re working on the 1987 Topps set, and you find any of this information helpful, please considering dropping me a tip.

Past Pro Signers

As of today’s date, twenty-nine subjects sign through PastPros. Three other subjects have PastPros listings, but no fees listed, and as such are not included on this list.

Card NumberPlayer NameCost to PastprosCard NumberPlayer NameCost to Pastpros
15Claudell Washington$12.0049Terry Harper$7.00
69Lonnie Smith$5.00104Billy Sample$5.00
151Mike LaCoss$10.00219CeciIio Guante$8.00
252Dennis Martinez$25.00285Oil Can Boyd$10.00
298Larry Herndon$15.00303Juan Berenguer$7.00
309Mike Young$8.00324Dave Palmer$8.00
325Garry Templeton$10.00363Jose Guzman$7.00
421Jose DeLeon$8.00444Jeff Russell$7.00
525Phil Bradley$7.00529Alvaro Espinoza$8.00
587Eric Plunk$10.00588Wallace Johnson$7.00
622Glenn Braggs$12.00629Larry Parrish$7.00
641Domingo Ramos$10.00660Bob Horner$5.00
667Ron Hassey$10.00691Dave Parker$20.00
692Frank White$8.00732Manny Trillo$10.00
771Shane Rawley$8.00
Deceased Players

Forty-three subjects of the 1987 Topps set have passed away. This is not counting the Roberto Clemente who passed well before the set dropped.  Again, I am focusing on only one card per player, so if the decedent has multiple cards, I’m only mentioning the number once.

Card NumberPlayer NameCard NumberPlayer Name
18Dick Howser20Gary Carter
41Bo Diaz96Frank Williams
115Donnie Moore143Steve Boros
180Chris Brown188Tony Phillips
218Sparky Anderson221Vern Ruhle
230Don Baylor242Rick Mahler
253Eddie Milner257Bob Forsch
314Carl Yastrzemski318Jim Fregosi
328Bob Welch344Joe Niekro
389Jeff Robinson418Dick Williams
450Kirby Puckett452Dave Henderson
468George bamberger483Dwight Lowry
513Carmen Castillo518Gene Mauch
530Tony Gwynn551Frank Wills
557John Cerutti562Bryan Clutterbuck
568Earl Weaver578Frank Pastore
593Chuck Tanner633Jose Uribe
636Darren Daulton659Aurelio Lopez
665Rod Scurry689Darrell Porter
700Dave Bergman714Dan Quisenberry
730Eric Show748Mike Flanagan
775Joaquin Andujar


But wow, I’m making a ton of progress, considering I really only started this project six months ago or so. Speaking of autographs, check out my friends at RPA Breaks, they have box breaks for every budget, and will surely have something you like. Happy collecting.


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