Mort Walker Sketch and Autograph

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Sketch of Otto by Mort Walker

It’s not often that I get weepy-eyed when someone I don’t personally know passes away. It’s just where I’m kind of hollow inside about such things. Today, though, I’m a little tore up after finding out that Mort Walker passed away from pneumonia. In case you aren’t familiar with Mr. Walker, he was the brains behind Camp Swampy and Beetle Bailey. When I got into a cartoonist autograph and sketch kick in 2010, I wrote Mr. Walker’s studio asking if he could do a doodle of Otto for me and sign it. I included a camp staff patch from the Boy Scout Camp I worked at. I explained that though the Camp and the Army obviously weren’t the same, quite often I felt a lot of connection to the gang stationed at Camp Swampy.

Mort Walker September 3, 1923 to January 27, 2018

He was nice enough to send me a signed sketch of my favorite character in the strip. I’ll miss his new work, but I’m sure that one of his apprentices will take up the reigns.

Rest in peace, Mr. Walker. May your memory be eternal and the joy and laughs that you brought to millions of readers every day continue to warm your spirit in whatever great beyond there is.


Memory Candle
Candle In Memory of Mort Walker
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