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Product Review: Vega Clean Protein Chocolate

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Vega Clean Protein Chocolate Flavor

Since I started the new weight-loss and fitness lifestyle, I tend to try new protein powders to make smoothies out of. My most recent adventure was with Vega Clean Protein Powder. Vega claims it’s product is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, no artificial flavors, and no dairy or soy. Instead, it pulls its protein from pea, hemp, pumpkin seeds, and alfalfa.  Each dose contains 25 grams of proteins, four grams of branched chain amino acids and 4 gram of glutamine.

Vega Clean Protein Powder

I’ve now tried to use this powder twice, with mixed results. The first time, I followed the instructions on the tub, putting one scoop of the powder in my shaker bottle with 16 ounce of water as per the directions. The powder did not mix properly into the water and instead gunked up the bottom of my bottle.

This morning, I opted to try to use the Vega powder for a smoothie, with frozen blueberries and almond milk. I blended the drink by pulsing with my Ninja and transfered to my shaker cup. This time, the powder blended and mixed into the drink, however, the result was a gritty beverage that was not overly pleasant. It did have a chocolate taste as advertised, however, the taste hid behind drinking sandpaper out of my bottle.



It tasted like chocolate as advertised. With no sweeteners, it tastes more like baking chocolate. However, it was not unpleasant.  4 of Five Boxing Gloves.


HORRIBLE. It felt like I was drinking liquid 220 grit sandpaper. 0 of Five Boxing Gloves.


It is now lunch time, and I’m just now starting to get hungry, so it did have some stick to the ribs factor with it. 5 of Five Boxing Gloves


If you can get past the texture, which I could not, feel free to try this product on your own. It’s tasty enough, and I will use the rest of the powder to make protein brownies.  My go-to currently, since am I not a vegan, is Anytime Protein by Trusource. It has a better taste and a better texture in my opinion.

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  1. I haven’t tried Vega Clean Protein, but I use Vega One quite a bit. I have to admit I do find the texture just fine–whether mixed with cold water as a quick-and-lazy breakfast substitute or as the main ingredient in a smoothie. Just had the chocolate flavor with fresh cranberries, a banana, and water today. Loved it!

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